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We are a non profit paranormal investigation
group based in Fremont, North Carolina. We founded this group in 2008. Our investigations are scientific and we gather evidence and attempt to disprove hauntings, and if we are left with evidence we can't explain then it might be evidence of a haunting. We use equipment like EMF detectors, digital voice recorders, digital cameras, motion detectors, video cameras with infrared lights, infrared security cameras & digital thermometers. We have investigated with TAPS, and we have taken the official TAPS Paranormal 101 class. We have also been featured on G105's Bob and the Showgram. If you have a possible haunting we can help, so please contact us. Our Investigations are free and we are here to help. We cover the areas of Wayne County, Wilson County, and anywhere within 120 miles of Fremont.
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